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Focus on Jesus Ministries Feature-Film Production

Focus on Jesus Ministries has recently produced the successful Christian television series, Completing Kaden, which is currently airing on JC-TV, Australian Christian Channel, ShineTV, and other television networks all around the world. The show has the potential of reaching millions of people for Christ, and can also be seen online at www.CompletingKaden.com for free. Additionally, Completing Kaden can be found at Amazon.com, ChristianCinema.com, Target.com, and other retailers across the United States.

For this summer of 2008, Focus on Jesus Ministries has teamed up with Real Bean Entertainment, LLC and The Connection (a church in Vancouver, Canada) to produce a feature-length film entitled The Scarf. The Scarf is a diverse, character-driven, action/adventure film with a hint of Sci-Fi. When compared to other known movies and shows, think of it as Signs meets Buffy with a hint of X-Files and a lot of Christ.

The Scarf will be shot in High Definition using professional production equipment and will be produced to the highest quality obtainable. Using a completely volunteer cast and crew, The Scarf will begin principle photography in July of 2008 and will wrap in August of 2008. The movie is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2008.

The Scarf has a total production budget of just under $25,000. This $25,000 movie will be released on international television, DVD, and also has the potential of a limited theatrical release. That's a lot of people that one movie can reach for a mere $25,000. Additionally, half of all DVDs replicated for The Scarf will be given away for free to people who do not know Christ as an additional outreach. For example, if 1,000 DVDs are made, 500 of those will be given out for free as an outreach. If 10,000 DVDs are made, 5,000 will be given out for free as an outreach.

The Scarf has a powerful message about prayer and will, in a very natural way, share Christ and Biblical principles with the viewers. This movie has a potential of reaching millions and millions of people. And you have the opportunity to invest in the lives of those people who will be touched by The Scarf.

If you'd like to help make The Scarf go from paper on a screenplay to film in a theater, then read how you can help by sponsoring a piece of The Scarf. Sponsorships are available in all different amounts. All sponsors will receive appropriate credit and a free copy of The Scarf on DVD.

Sponsorships are listed in the table below with the amount of the sponsorship. To sponsor one of the items, please click on the "Sponsor" button. Once an item has been sponsored, the sponsor of that item will be listed underneath it.

Please note that The Scarf is being filmed in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada (part of Greater Vancouver).


Sponsor a Scene
There are some scenes which have additional expenses attached to them. You may sponsor individual scenes (up to as many as you'd like).

There are 17 School Scenes. Schools in this area have "Special Rental Rates" for film productions - $1,000 per day. We'll be renting a school for 2 days.

Sponsor a School Scene for $118 per scene.

There are 22 Scenes which take place inside of a barn during some of the most intense parts of the movie. Additional expenses include the rental of the barn, vehicle rental for related scenes, props and make-up related to barn scenes, scaffolding, additional lighting rental and additional special FX expenses.

Sponsor a Barn Scene for $78 per scene.

Specific Expenses
You may also want to help be sponsoring a specific expense.

Electrical Permit
(Required as part of our film permits)
Sponsor for $79

Film Permits
(Filming in Greater Vancouver requires permits.)
Sponsor for $250
Park Rental
There are a few scenes which will require the rental of an area park. Parks have special rates for film productions.
Sponsor for $300
Power Generator Expenses
(Required for a number of outdoor night scene.)
Sponsor for $450
Tape Stock
Sponsor for $635
Wardrobe Expenses
Sponsor for $350
Post Production Expenses
Or, you may wish to sponsor some of the post production expenses.
Additional Hard Drives for Editing Suite
Sponsor for $675
Sponsor a Song
(Covers licensing rights to 3 original songs to be used in The Scarf)
$1,500 per song
Sponsor Music Composition
We'll be hiring a professional and experienced film composer to compose original music for The Scarf. This sponsorship is being split into eight parts.
Sponsor a piece of the sound track for $500

Or, you may donate any other amount which you'd like to donate in order to help assist us in the production of The Scarf, a high quality feature-length film with a Christian message. The Scarf has the potential of reaching millions of viewers in the name of Christ.




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