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Focus on Jesus Ministries was started in 2003 by a couple of teenagers no different from the teens in your own church or youth group. Over the past couple years, Focus on Jesus Ministries president Kyle Lawrence, 20, has produced a Christian television series (Completing Kaden) and has spoken at churches, youth services, camps, and conferences all across the United States and parts of Canada, he's spoken in front of crowds as large as 4,500. From classrooms to convention centers, Kyle is ready and eager to speak to any group of youth to share with them the joy in finding God's calling in your life. Kyle Lawrence is now a youth minister for a small church in Canada and is also willing to speak on a variety of topics to fit your service, retreat, or camp.

If you're interested in inviting Kyle to come speak at your youth service, retreat, church, camp, or convention, please click here to contact Focus on Jesus Ministries.

Curious about the cost? Kyle doesn't speak for money, he speaks for ministry and he trusts that God will take care of his financial needs. Therefore, Focus on Jesus Ministries will simply ask that you cover the travel expenses...aside from that, anything else will be designated as a donation to Focus on Jesus Ministries and is totally up to you.

You may also visit Kyle's personal blog at www.KyleLawrence.com where you may also view his resume and partial list of speaking engagements.

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