"Reaching beyond the obtainable, pushing to achieve the impossible."
      - Kyle Lawrence, President

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LOGAN      (Teen Family Drama)
13 year old Logan has a seemingly impossible idea to make a movie. After facing countless rejections at school and from his careless parents, Logan turns to the one he knows he can count on: his older brother Tyler. When Logan's last hope lets him down, he wonders if its all really worth it.

This warming story is sure to capture the hearts of many leaving you inspired and awe-struck at the same time.

Price: $10.95

Film Making for Newbs (New!)
by Kyle Lawrence

The complete guide to producing, distributing, and marketing a film on any budget. This 197-page book by Kyle Lawrence (Director/Producer) will give you an in-depth look into film making, whether your first or tenth film on no-budget to low-budget.

Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-105-24744-6

Price: $12.95

LOGAN Silicone Wristband
A bright green silicone wristband which says, "LOGAN (the movie)" on the front and "Never give up." on the back.

Price: 2 for $1.99

The Scarf      (SciFi Thriller)
When high school girls Daniella and Krista are assigned a school science project on UFOs, their minds are stretched farther than their teacher could've foreseen. Their project soon threatens to tear apart her friendships, family, and her life.

Price: $10.95

Completing Kaden Season 2 (Situational Dramedy)
2 Disc DVD set with all 14 half-hour episodes plus the extended-length series finale. Also includes cast commentaries, and other bonus features. Follow Kaden, Shane, James, Taylor, and Michelle through another fun season of high school.

Price: $24.95 Sale: $12.95

Completing Kaden Season 1 (Situational Dramedy)
4 Disc DVD set with all 12 half-hour episodes, cast commentaries and bonus features. Follow Kaden, his faithful friend Shane, love-interest Taylor, and crazy brother James through their unworldly adventures of high school.

Price: $20.95 Sale: $12.95

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