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Season 2 Episodes:

Episode 2.14 - Twist of Fate Part 2

Part 2 of the Season 2 Finale.

Episode 2.13 - Twist of Fate Part 1

Part 1 of the Season 2 Finale.

Episode 2.12 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Willfield

Michelle's made up her mind, Joshua's moving, Shane's dad stops by, and there's a bit of anger between Leeann and Taylor. How will this small town of Willfield survive?

Episode 2.11 - Locked and Loaded

Shane and Mikey become victims to senior pranks on the last day of school. Will they get rescued in time? Meanwhile, Michelle and Joshua seek help with what to do with issues concerning their fathers.

Episode 2.10 - Finals 'n Farewells

Tragedy hits Lawrence High School during the last week of school, leaving students hurt and asking questions. How will the students respond? Teachers also present students with finals.

Episode 2.9 - Girls ask the Guys

Taylor is upset with Kaden for not trusting her just in time for the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Will they be able to work out their differences? During school, Michelle gets an important letter from her dad.

Episode 2.8 - Snorting in the Boys' Room

Conner's fight against his addictions is challenged when he confronts another student. Will he be able to stand strong? James becomes the school's new hall monitor.

Episode 2.7 - Invisible Friends

No one can find Shane and both his mom and Kaden are worried. Will they be able to find him? James is asked to run an errand for Radisson.

Episode 2.6 - Walking on Egg Shells

Kaden and Shane are given a difficult assignment for school and need James' help. Will they finish or end up with a mess of eggs? Family problems strike Shane in the midst of everything.

Episode 2.5 - Uncontrollable Ends

It's the anniversary of the death of Joshua's mom. How will this affect him and his father? Meanwhile, Kaden battles I.B.S.

Episode 2.4 - Welcome Home...or Not

Brad and Christi both come back to Willfield. How will everyone respond to their homecoming? As the search for a job continues, James reunites lost pets with their families.

Episode 2.3 - Going Up and Out

Shane learns that the state has found a new home for the twins, how will he take the news? Meanwhile, James gets a new job.

Episode 2.2 - May I Help You?

Kaden is forced to find a job. Will it be a major failure, or a huge success story? Shane and Conner also enjoy their new jobs.

Episode 2.1 - Season Premiere (New Beginnings)

After the events at the end of last season, much change is occuring in Willfield. Will the students at Lawrence High School view change as a burden, or a time to start over? Meanwhile, James begins his search for a job...the start of his career.

Season 1 Episodes :

Episode 12 (Season Finale)

The most intense, suspensful episode yet...continuing from where Episode 11 left off.

Episode 4 (Rumors)

It's amazing how a simple school project can turn into a huge misunderstanding.

Episode 1 (Pilot)

Episode 1 is here. Series pilot of Completing Kaden.


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Persecution Welcome (Sept., 2005)

Sit back and watch as Kaden welcomes you to Willfield, Missouri and introduces you to his friends.

Teaser Episode (Oct., 2004)

In this teaser episode, you'll briefly see a sample of what Persecution will be like. Kaden is invited to a party and ends up in a bit of a jam.

Shane's Paper Ball (Oct., 2004)

Just a bit of comedy thrown in for you. See Brad take out his anger on Shane...with a wad of paper?